Finding the inspiration to get off the couch and get your body moving can be more difficult when it’s raining and cold outside but Club Physical founder Paul Richards says winter is the best time to start or maintain your fitness routine.

“Summer bodies are made in winter,’ says Paul. We asked him and the team at Club Physical’s Whangaparāoa health club for a few tips on how to stay motivated over the colder months.

Get your group on

Club Physical studies member retention and the data shows that people who take part in group classes are twice as likely to stick at going to the gym.

“Group classes are so much more fun, and they are great way to build relationships with the Club Physical team and other gym members,” says Paul. “It’s our job to motivate you to come back to class but when another member says, ‘See you next time,’ they are doing our job for us.”

Take it personally

It’s easier to stick to a gym routine when you have an appointment with a trainer, Paul says. A trainer will help keep you motivated and even if you are only working out with them once a week, you will be more inclined to train on your own between sessions so you are really getting the most from the investment you are making in yourself and hitting the goals you and the trainer have committed to.

If your budget won’t allow for a personal trainer, there are other ways get similar benefits from your gym experience. 

Club Physical has introduced X45 cardio classes which cater to groups of about 10 people taking part in a workout condensed into 45 minutes. Because the groups are small, everyone gets attention from the trainer but it’s more affordable that one-on-one training. The classes started about five months ago and Paul has been amazed at the results members are getting. The groups also become like army units, he says, working together to ensure everyone stays on track.

Another great option is to train with a friend – when one of you is feeling lazy, the other brings the motivation factor. Club Physical has a Winners + 1 membership which allows free membership for a family member or friend.

Enjoy the movement

The Club Physical team encourages people to think about “moving” rather than exercise. “If you find a movement you enjoy, whether that’s dancing, yoga, riding the exercise bikes at the gym or walking, then you are more likely to do it,” Paul says. Ditch the “I have to exercise” mindset.

Goals are gold

It’s far easier to keep exercising when you have a target to work towards, whether it relates to body measurements, or time or distance goals who want to achieve. Club Physical offers members a scan that tells them how strong they are, body fat measurements and where that fat is distributed across their bodies. “It tells them where they are at and gives them a goal to improve those numbers,” Paul says. Some people are motivated by trying to improve their results faster than a friend or family member so if you are the competitive type, challenge someone to a race.

The Club Physical team works hard to help make goal-setting an everyday reality for members. When the Tour de France is on, Club Physical XRide classes mimic the hills the pro riders faced on that day’s stage. Other challenges have included riding from Auckland to Rotorua or across Africa, with everyone taking part represented by a pin on a map showing how far they had gone.

Paul says the key to successful goal-setting is being realistic, especially when it comes to weight loss. His team encourages people to aim to reduce their weight by half a kilogram a week. “You need to look long-term, create a sustainable plan and expect plateaus, otherwise you will get disillusioned.”

Get your family on board

People find it very hard to stay on their fitness journey if they don’t have the support of their family, Paul says. Make sure they understand why you are committed to exercise and how it will be part of your life, so they don’t get resentful of the time you are investing in being healthier and try to sabotage your efforts.  

If you want support from the Club Physical Whangaparāoa team for your health journey, head to for or head into the Coast centre for membership deals and class timetables and information.

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