The team at Hardy’s has come up with a plan to help you stay healthy, naturally, this winter. It’s simple to follow and suits every budget so start taking your ‘vitamins’ now.

Vitamin G – Green Spaces

Get out and enjoy nature. Spending time outdoors in green spaces has been shown to reduce stress and enhance mood. It may be a walk in the park, spending time in your garden or even eating lunch outdoors when you can.

Vitamin M – Movement

Move every day. Do more of what makes you feel good, especially movement that makes you smile, whether that’s walking, jogging, dancing, biking or yoga. Sitting is the new smoking. Now more than ever we need to keep moving or risk losing flexibility, agility, mobility and strength. Movement is medicine.

Vitamin N – Nutrition

Eat nutritious food from all the colours of the rainbow and as close to nature as possible. For optimal health, enhance your diet with high quality nutritional supplements starting with a good multi, omega oil and probiotic. The expert team at Hardy’s Whangaparaoa can help you find supplements that will work for you.

Vitamin R – Rest and Relax

Aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Allow your body to rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Practice meditation, restorative yoga or a breathing technique such as diaphragmatic or mindful breathing. You might also like to try Hardy’s Sleep Spray.

Vitamin L – Laughter

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. There’s actually laughing yoga classes for that reason. What is not so well known is that the simple act of smiling has be shown to have a positive impact on our biochemistry, which means smiling can create happy hormones improving our overall health and vitality. So start each day with a smile, laugh often and choose activities that make your heart sing.

Vitamin S – Sunshine

rays of sunshine, ideally 15-20 mins. Just enough to feel that tingling sensation under your skin. The Vitamin D we manufacture is extremely important for our immunity, mood, hormonal, digestive, skin and so much more. A simple at home Vitamin D test is now available at Hardy’s.

You can discuss any of your health and wellbeing issues with the team at Hardy’s Whangaparaoa. The store is open at Coast seven days a week.

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