Many of us are getting desperate to get back in the hair salon, and anyone with an unruly fringe has probably felt tempted to cut it themselves.

But the team at Rodney Wayne Whangaparāoa say put down the scissors and try these tips and tricks to change your look without resorting to a home haircut you might regret.

  • Try parting your hair in a different way - this will give you a new look. You can go from a middle part to a side part. It may feel a little odd at first as your hair isn’t used to it. It’s a good idea to blow dry your fringe first. Then hold it in place with Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray. Your fringe will be used to sitting a certain way so holding it in place will help to train the longer fringe to stay where you want it. If you want a look with more volume, dry your hair the opposite way to how you want it to fall. Try a root volume spray such as L’Oréal Serie Expert Volumetry.
  • Create a new look with a head scarf - you can create multiple looks while holding back your growing fringe. This fashion accessory can give you a new look every day while keeping those pesky bangs off your face. 
  • Experiment with a slicked back style. This is a perfect summer look. We recommend Biolage Gelee Styler, a versatile product you can apply to wet hair and comb into a sleek slicked back look.
  • Invest in some good old hair clips - there are so many beautiful clips out there. Try mixing up your look by parting your hair on the side. Use your Biolage Gelee Styling product to slick both sides in place. Grab your favourite hair clips or grips and use as many as you like to create your desired look. You could even do a whole headband made of clips.
  • Try a fantasy colour. This will jazz up your fringe but it won’t be permanent. It will give you a new look which will distract you from wanting to pick up the scissors and give your fringe the chop . Fudge Paintbox last up to 20 washes - our highly trained staff members can give you all the advice you need but we also recommend you follow manufacturer’s instructions. 

Rodney Wayne Whangaparāoa can’t wait to welcome clients back to the salon but in the meantime, you can grab any of these products or treat yourself to a hair mask from Shampoo N Things, the retail hub within Rodney Wayne that offers leading salon-quality professional haircare brands. It’s open for contactless shopping from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Saturday – either direct message the team via Instagram or Facebook messenger to order your product or just pop down to Coast to grab it.

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