There’s been plenty of action in the ball pit at Chipmunks during these school holidays – owner Yini Chu says it’s proved to be the most popular attraction since the indoor play centre opened at Coast last year.

“The big slides are also a favourite with the kids,” she says.

Chipmunks is the perfect place to keep kids entertained for a few hours for Coast families looking for holiday activities.

Yini says even when children come to Chipmunks on their own, they soon find a playmate.

“It’s lovely to see them making new friends and playing together. Then their parents can sit down and relax with a coffee without being interrupted.”

The team at Chipmunks expect to be busy over the two-week holiday period.

But it’s work they love.

“The place is just filled with families and their children are having so much fun,” says Giovanna May.

Paige Naseby says it’s fantastic when she gets to dress up as Charlie the Chipmunk and interact with the kids and families on their birthdays. “I love working in an environment with children and families!”

For Laura Fereday, it’s the friendly, positive atmosphere that makes her job so enjoyable. “I think that everyone really cares about the job and genuinely enjoys it, so it really lifts the whole mood. I look forward to coming to work."    

Yini says weekends and school holidays continue to be the busiest times for Chipmunks. But parents of preschoolers take advantage of the quieter periods during term time.

“The younger children love the under-five area and it’s also nice for them to have the playground to themselves when the older children are at school.”

Birthday parties also keep Yini and her team busy. “We have bookings most weekends for children aged from about two to eight who celebrate their birthdays at Chipmunks.”

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