This advice is an extract from the article 'Detoxify and Renew Your Liver' written by Ange Youle - Registered Clinical Nutritionist - My Hardy's Magazine - Spring Issue 2023

At Hardy’s, it’s typical that as soon as we hit Spring we have a lot of customers approach us for ‘detox’ advice. It seems to be an engrained concept, much like Spring-cleaning our homes at this time of year. For that reason our Spring issue seems like the perfect time to talk about the star of the ‘detox’ – the liver! And to let you know why working towards a happy liver is so important if we want to recharge and re-energise ourselves. So, that being said, let’s give a hearty round of applause to our wonderfully hardworking, often under appreciated livers!

Although most people seem to understand the liver plays a role in detoxification of substances like alcohol or chemicals, less people know what else the liver gets up to while we’re not paying attention. And that’s the aim of this article - we want to talk about the reasons why we should love and respect our liver on a daily basis, and not just once a year.

Overall, the liver does hundreds of jobs in the body. Let’s start with the basics, including the process that sits behind the word ‘detox’.

In a nutshell, there are three phases of action. Phase 1 is where a family of detoxification enzymes work to breakup fat-soluble toxins so that they can be transformed into something else, and then passed safely from the body. Toxins come from household chemicals, plastics, paint fumes, pesticides and medications, to name but a few. And then we have added lifestyle toxins, such as junk foods, cigarettes, and alcohol. Toxins can also come from things such as moulds in our environment, or less-friendly yeast and bacterial species in the gut.

The three phases of action can be found here: My Hardy's Magazine - Spring Issue 2023

If however you’re still itching to find out more, then do pop into Hardy’s Whangpaparoa store have a chat to one of our amazing and knowledgeable staff members. We have a whole BEST Bay of fantastic products dedicated to liver support, as well as wonderful recommendations to holistically support a range of symptoms such as those spoken about in this article.

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