It’s official – the best fried chicken on the Coast can be found at Whangaparāoa café At 719.

This chicken is so good it got a shout out from the hosts of radio station ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan breakfast show, with one of the on-air presenters claiming the delicious fried treat “changed my life.”

The team from At719 are thrilled the dish is so popular with Coasties.

There are three varieties available – original, sweet and spicy (which is made Korean-style from go chu jang) and soy and garlic.

The secret to success, apparently, is keeping the coating crispy and the chicken moist. The At719 crew also say people shouldn’t “chicken out” of trying the sweet and spicy style – it’s definitely more sweet than spicy!

Another perfect-for-summer treat at the café is the Korean-style hot dogs, which are also well on their way to being world-famous in Whangapāraoa.

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