Majestic Tea Bar

Majestic Tea Bar

Now open at The Cove dining precinct

Majestic Tea Bar is a premium cafe offering with over 35 teas, a selection of coffees, flavoured hot chocolates, cold drinks, cabinet food and full kitchen menu.

Majestic metro & day cafe stores are stylish and sophisticated cafe concepts around New Zealand that are breathing new life into the cafe scene.

​Majestic is at its core, a cafe that offers everything you would find at your local eatery however our unique point of difference is our focus on tea, 35 different varieties in fact. Its easy to forget how we were once a nation of devout tea drinkers however as the coffee boom took off in the late 1970's the end of an era came for traditional Tea Rooms.

​Majestic has dedicated itself to reintroducing people to the tea culture of the past and we have developed a business that is themed somewhat to the period, when tea was at its peak. The victorian themed fitouts are modern yet contemporary and offer the every day frequent cafe visitor something a little different, a magical oasis like no other.

​We do however live in a world where coffee is the dominant offer still and we certainly havent given up on the status quo. Majestic is at the very forfront of being that premium cafe offer that has it all. Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolates made with Real Belgian Chocolate are all at the center of the premium Majestic cafe offer.

​Fine foods both from the cabinet and made to order by our chefs are also available when you visit a Majestic store giving you a complete package to choose from.

​Carefully crafted and developed by our Founder Chris Cox in 2015, Majestic strives to deliver an experience like no other cafe. Its not just about dropping in for a tea, coffee, or a bite to eat. Its about relaxing and enjoying the decor, the staff, the atmosphere, your fellow customers and feeling good about ones self.

Majestic is set to transform cafes as we know it, we invite you to come and experience one for yourself today! We have stores in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch with more on the way.

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Level Three
Within The Cove dining precinct
8.00am-4.30pm 424 0919

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